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Writing Advantage

Writing Advantage

Leverage skill sets and tools sets for effective communication.

Ensuring that your organization’s communication from all team members is as constructive and professional as possible is a challenging but critical task.

In today’s competitive business environment, your communication must make your point with power and clarity. In order to succeed, your organization must empower all team members, especially key employees to express ideas and critical messages clearly without leaving anything open to misinterpretation, misunderstanding, or without a specific call to action.

The Solution

Participants learn a four-step process to create writing that cuts through the clutter. They gain insights on how to write faster with more clarity, and skills for revising and fine-tuning every kind of document.

Participants in Writing Advantage learn how to:

  • Organize initial ideas around a clear purpose

  • Structure a prototype based on solid writing standards

  • Evolve their prototype into a draft document

  • Review and refine the draft against formal standards

  • Produce a final and collaborative edit of their draft.

Increasing the power of your organization’s written and verbal communication will increase productivity, resolve issues, reduce errors, and increase overall performance.