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Meeting Advantage

Meeting Advantage

Take your business communication skills to the next level.

In a business world driven by results and performance, you have to make meetings work to your advantage. FranklinCovey’s Meeting Advantage workshop teaches you how to plan effectively by frontloading before a meeting, focusing productively during a meeting, and following through successfully after the meeting.

In order to propel your organization forward, meetings need to be prepared effectively, proceed productively, and end with a clear plan of action. With the right training and skills, you can ensure that meetings will be followed through with the kind of commitment and accountability that improves interpersonal skills and increases productivity.

Meeting Advantage participants learn to:

  • Initiate, plan, and define the meeting’s purpose

  • Develop skills to manage and conduct productive meetings

  • Develop and use meeting ground rules

  • Use the “Meeting Advantage Planner” to schedule follow-through

  • Review the meeting for improvements

When your meetings are relevant and tightly focused, you can navigate all the challenges your business faces.