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Leading High Performance Teams

Leading High Performance Teams

Equipping emerging leaders.

Our promise of “Equipped to Lead” is a commitment to furnish new managers with the practical day-to-day skills they need to profile, evaluate and inspire their teams so as to effectively harness talent and improve performance.

Leadership Challenge

Employers often promote or recruit strong individual performers to supervisory roles with little or no instruction on how to manage and develop people. As a result, new managers are forced to learn the ropes of leadership through trial-and-error, and guess work. They find the transition difficult because they are ill prepared to manage and deliver through people.

Participants will benefit from:

  • Heighten self-awareness to improve self-leadership.
  • Building strong personal effectiveness.
  • Best practices for creating and leading outstanding teams.
  • Develop a sense of managerial leadership agility.
  • Build confidence through performance management.
  • Focus on behaviours and attitudes for achieving sustainable results.

“The Leading High Performance Teams® program has been tailored to help new and experienced managers succeed in navigating management challenges and focus on building successful teams.”

LHPT® Structure

  • Leading Self

  • Influencing and Leading Others

  • Management Effectiveness

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Multiply the Trust Factor Inside Your Organization