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Building Business Acumen

Building Business Acumen

Achieving Organizational Greatness through Focused Execution.

Does your team know how they contribute to the business?

In today’s world of specialized education, employees often are not taught the basic elements of running a whole business.  This program helps employees understand how they contribute to the bottom line or how the business as a whole makes money.

Building Business Acumen focused outcomes:

  • Understand how your business operates.

  • Learn the five essential elements of business.

  • Attain an understanding of how the company makes money.

  • Know how your work impacts the bottom line.

Where it can lead:

Employees will be able to understand how they contribute to the bottom line through the Money Making Model work session.

Understanding the 5 essential elements of business helps employees align their efforts more closely with the organization’s overall business goals.

The outcomes include:

  • Cash –  how it’s generated and why it’s critical.
  • Margin – the importance of making money and being profitable.
  • Velocity – the process through which you turn inventory or capital.
  • Growth – what creates growth and why.
  • Customers – the simple reasons they buy from some businesses and not from others.