Raiser Resource Group
Raiser Resource Group
Who We Are

Who We Are

We help individuals & organizations achieve sustainable results that require a change in human behavior.

We have contributed to the performance development of employees in 13 African countries.

Since 2003, when Raiser was established in Nairobi, Kenya, we have contributed to the performance development of thousands of employees in hundreds of local & multinational organizations in 13 African countries. Raiser offers executive training programs in Leadership and Management, Productivity, Trust & Employee engagement, Sales performance, Education, Customer loyalty, and other employee development solutions.

We have partnered with three leading global organizations; FranklinCovey®, Crestcom International® and Insights® to offer training programs that align to global learning best practice.


Our process

In our consulting process, we seek to partner with our clients by leveraging on our experience with our associate partners and customers in various countries across the globe.

We aim to resolve the following lingering questions that most organizations ponder from time to time:

  • How do we develop enough “ready now” leaders?

  • In what ways can we get an engaged team to deliver our priorities?

  • How can we get our people to contribute their best efforts?

  • Are our staff motivated enough to deliver our company goals?

  • Are we getting a return on investment from our human capital?