Raiser Resource Group
  • Harness Talent

    Defend and Grow Your Market Share

  • Create An Enduring Culture

    Develop Culture as Your Competitive Advantage

  • Build Character

    Retain Talent Through Engagement

  • Grow Through Innovation

    Increase Organization Agility

  • Invest Your Time

    Maximize Productivity through your People

Raiser Resource Group
Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We work to help individuals and organizations achieve sustainable results that require a change in human behavior.

Our Solutions

We specialize in Human Performance Improvement at various levels as follows:

  1. Leadership & Management
  2. Productivity
  3. Trust & Employee Engagement
  4. Sales Performance
  5. Customer Service
  6. Education

We're Masters of Our Craft

We always aim to offer you more value.

Globally Recognized

We work with globally recognized licensed programs that are well researched and rich in content.

Scalable Capacity

We have scalable capacity by working with experienced facilitators.

We Guarantee Quality

Our quality training materials and auxiliary tools support learning application and transfer.

Highlights and Updates

Stephen M. R. Covey comes to Kenya
September 8, 2016

Stephen M. R. Covey comes to Kenya

PwC Leadership Advantage Graduation
June 15, 2016

PwC Leadership Advantage Graduation

Let’s Bond
May 15, 2016

Let’s Bond